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Luci sul Lago

This is one of the restaurants with the best location in Orta, despite it is outside the historic center.

From here you will not see the island, but after sunset, the candle lights will be mirrored on the calm waters of the Gulf of Bagnera and will accompany your evening making it unique and magical!

There are two separate menus, fine cuisine or pizza. Do not disdain the latter because thanks to the special dough with a part of wholemeal flour you will experience a new taste.

On their official channels they describe themselves as follows: Luci sul Lago looks out on one of the most romantic Italian lakes. This elegant and refined location offers a dreamlike atmosphere, good cuisine enriched with simple and local ingredients, and a wide selection of wines.

During the day this restaurant serves as refreshment for those who enjoy the sun in the nearby beach, if you want more information about this and other beaches of Lake Orta, read our best beaches list __________

You can contact this restaurant with the following coordinates.

Remember that in high season the reservation is always welcome!


+39 (0) 322068260

Closed on MONDAY, both for lunch and dinner!

How to get there

The address is Via Domodossola Loc. Bagnera28016 Orta San Giulio (NO)

GPS: 45.80036, 8.419213

There is a large car park you can see from the road.

Do you need a taxi to reach the location? We recommend Taxi Lago d’Orta, you can contact him at +393462111587 (ask for the rate at the time of booking, it may vary depending on the number of people).

Our advice

Choose this restaurant for dinner and ask for a table near the lake, the atmosphere will be magical!

The pizza is made with a 30% wholemeal flour, a little dry (not very soft), but very digestible! So you will have enough space for try a dessert!

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