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Lake Orta swimming crossing 2019

The sports company Eclettica Sports, in collaboration with Anpas, volunteers of the Cusio south-west emergency and Emergency group of Lake Orta, organizes the crossing of the Lake: from Pella to Orta San Giulio. This year will be Sunday 7th July 2019!

The proceeds of the event will be entirely donated to Emergency for the hospital in Kabul and to the Anpas for solidarity projects,

MEETING MEETING: At 9.00 am in Motta in Pella and collection of the race package.
DEPARTURES: At 10.30 am from Piazza Motta in Orta San Giulio (3000 metres)
At 11.30 am from the lakeside of Motta in Pella (1500 meters)
ARRIVAL: From 11.10 am in Motta to Orta San Giulio.
AWARDS: From about 1pm

How to register for the Lake Orta Crossing?

Payment € 25 for the race of 1500 meters or € 35 for the 3000 meters
payable to South West Rescue Volunteers with IBAN Bank Transfer – IT13U0200845430000103268108 BANCA UNICREDIT

The race package includes a bag for clothing, a latex cap, a numbered buoy and a chrono chip to be returned, 2 mt cord, return voucher by boat, return voucher (for the 3000 m race) and the event shirt.

How to get there

The departure is in Piazza Motta of Pella and the arrival will be in Piazza Motta of Orta.


Category: Sport and excursion

2019-07-07 00:00:00 From 9am to 11.30am

From 25 €

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