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Poetry on the Lake 2019

This event is now a fixed point of autumn on Lake Orta. For a few days the town is filled with dreamy poets who, when they return home, leave us the gift of their splendid rhymes.

It is a custom among the guests of my holiday apartments to leave a poem so that I can frame it and hang it on the walls, which is an inspiration for travelers who discover it.

Celebration began Friday afternoon, 4th October at 3.30 pm with Pupils Meet Poets
mini workshops for liceo students facilitated by poets participating.

Two categories and an extra prize of 100 euro to the best poem in either of the two categories inspired by the theme ‘Spirit’ (may be interpreted widely). Other prizes to winners present at awards.

The contacts of the organization are:

Tel: +39 3478464227

How to get there

The place of this festival is the most magical place in all of Orta, the beautiful island in the middle of the lake!


Category: Culture

From 4th to 6th October 2019

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It is now a regular event: the skating rink with a view of the beautiful Lake Orta is something special!

Sport e gite

The Piazza Motta will be cheered up by Christmas screenings from nightfall, illuminating the most beautiful buildings in the square.

Cultura e altro

It's the last week before Christmas and what better time to stay with family than a splendid fireworks show

Cultura e altro