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Rodari 100 + 1

A literature Festival on the shores of Lake Orta that the city of Omegna dedicates to its fellow citizen. An autumn appointment that you can’t miss, where writers and illustrators can exchange ideas with local authors. Even this year the Festival strives to maintain its promises of quality.

After a period that has overturned us and our thoughts, we can finally tell you that at the end of this emergency we will be there. Not only in the virtual world but also in person, going back to all of the activities that were interrupted. We will kick start again the courses, the projects, and all of the initiatives that we were forced to suspend, hoping that we can offer you a Ri- Centenary that will surprise you even more (making it even more “Rodariano” in its spirit and in its unpredictability) in order to make up for what was supposed to be the Centenary in 2020.


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Foto dei lettori: le vostre immagini di centenario e racconti di Gianni Rodari (


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From May 4th to June the 22nd 2021

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