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Corconio is a very old fraction of Orta. Although it is accessible to cars, reaching the center of the country and crossing it with modern cars is a business, so park at the station in the station, visit the village on foot will be pleasant and a very short walk.


The church is tiny, but lovely. Unfortunately it is not always open, but if you are lucky enough to visit it you will be pleasantly surprised. It was built in 1609, on the foundations of an old chapel, the first nucleus of the church of Santo Stefano. At that time Corconio had 10 resident families.

Initially the interior was decorated with a single painted table representing the deposition of Christ.

In 1756, thanks to the work of the Bonola family, the church acquired its formal independence from the parish church of San Giulio, as the Oratory of Santo Stefano. From that date a priest will stay at the purpose-built parish house and will be able to impose baptisms on the new baptistery.


Villa Bonola takes its name from the family that owned it since 1600 and that in these years assumed a certain importance, both for the predilection in the affairs of some members and for the artistic vein of Giorgio.

The family was also the founder of the Accademia di San Luca di Corconio, in 1693.

The villa cannot be visited inside, but it is splendid, with large frescoed halls. One of these is painted in shades of gray, white and gold, with a timeless refinement. All with a fantastic view of Lake Orta and Monte Rosa. The villa is surrounded by a romantic garden full of camellias and a large land with orchard.


The station was sadly closed in 2003, trains still pass by here, but they no longer stop. it’s a shame because it was the most convenient way to reach Corconio as with cars it’s not very easy.

Now the old station has become a private home.


Not far from the station, stands the old school (on the walls there are often posters of various kinds of events). The school was closed many years ago when only one student was enrolled, out of five classes. The school did not have a heater (the teacher had to turn on the stove in the morning when it arrived) and it consisted of only one room.

Walking through Corconio, you will find splendid villas and ancient streets, a small but very panoramic cemetery. All immersed in the lush vegetation of Lake Orta.

How to get there

Surely the most scenic route is on foot, starting from the square of Orta. The route is about 4 km, not all flat, certainly easy, but not suitable for those who do not like walking. For more information look at the bottom of the article, where you will find the complete path to do.

By car, however, you have to reach the via alla Stazione. A small free parking is available near the train station.

Our advice

Our advice is to reach Corconio on foot. This stage is part of the blue ring of Lake Orta.

In total it is almost 13 km, find the complete itinerary at the link ______________

But if you reach the small village by car, I suggest you combine this visit with that of Mount Mesma and Buccione’s Tower, a few kilometers away _________________


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This is a visit to a small town, so admission is obviously free.

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