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From the square of Orta exit towards the south, skirting the beautiful walk along the lake to Ortello beach

Then continue past the Villa Crespi and its roundabout, in the direction of Miasino, then take the pedestrian street which you will find just ahead on the left, continue straight ahead until you return to the road.

Here you can stop to visit the village of Legro, a fraction of Orta, called the painted village.

Then, cross the railway bridge and at the end of the road turn left, here you will find a walk that goes up to your right.


At the end of the walk in the woods, you will still find the carriageway, go up again and you will reach the town of Miasino (this is the only stretch of road that is busy and not just pedestrian).

1° stop – MIASINO (3 km traveled)

You can now visit the village of Miasino. Its main attractions are the Villa Nigra, where you will also find an excellent restaurant, the Antico Agnello and the church of San Rocco.

From the town square, you can take via Marietti, arrived at a crossroads, continue going down towards via Rosmini.

At the end of a residential area, turn right where the paved road ends and the pedestrian only one begins.

2° stop – CARCEGNA (4,5 km traveled)

After a short walk in the woods, you can go down the stone steps that lead to the village of Carcegna, a hamlet of Miasino.

You will immediately see the church of San Pietro, then you can continue on the left.

As soon as you enter the small village, on the right, you can go up to the ancient wash-house. On his left you will find a small fountain, free for everyone. I have had the pleasure of meeting the lady who owns the house from which it flows, and therefore also of the source, which explained to me that she has always chosen to leave it free to everyone, so that those who walk for Carcegna can quench their thirst. It is very fresh and light water.

The road is signposted (occasionally) with blue and green signs painted on the stones because this small stretch is part of the longest Girolago.

3° stop – PETTENASCO (6 km traveled)

Continue following my directions and you will finally arrive in Pettenasco, in a very quiet and cool area in the summer, called Paganetto.

Here too you will find a fresh water source and if you dare you can immerse yourself in the waters of the Pescone river, right under the ancient bridge (the water is very cold!). There are also picnic tables and a grill.

Then continue towards the center of the village, passing next to an old mill, today a turning museum.

You will skirt the banks of the Pescone river until you reach the Conad supermarket, where you can go down to the lake.

4° stop – PESCONE’S MOUTH (7,5 km traveled)

Arriving at the lake, I suggest you turn left to take the walk named after Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesy International, who used to spend his holidays here.

The walk is short and pleasant and allows you to reach first the mouth of the river and then the sculpture called “the slingshot”, an installation by Roselyne Elutti.

Unfortunately there is no pedestrian and pleasant road to return to Orta, but on foot you should take the state road. Alternatively you can take:

We are not professionals in the field of hiking and walking.

We do it for passion and to offer our guests something more.

Using this qrcode you can download the map directly on your smartphone with the elevation details.

At the link there is also the possibility to download the route for your browser, in different file extension formats.

How to get there

Our advice

If you have an educated dog at your pace, about 85% of the way can be done without a leash. It is not difficult to find fountains or streams to quench its thirst.

Miasino has some bars, in Carcegna you will find the “circolo” and the water fountain near the wash house. In Pettenasco you will find the Paganetto spring and several bars.

This route is very simple, up to Miasino it is uphill, but then it is almost all downhill and partly shaded in the summer.


Category: Hikings


Distance: about 8 km (about 4 hours, consider stops and visits)

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In the town of Orta, in the Gulf of Bagnera, lies hidden a small humid cave, legend has it that it was the entryway for a freezing hell that lied at the bottom of the lake.

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