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With its 1491 meters above sea level, Mottarone is one of the lowest peaks of all the Alps, but reserves to the visitors one of the most beautiful landescape that you can meet.


From Mottarone’s top (reachable with little effort from the parking lot), you can see 7 different lakes: Orta, Maggiore, Mergozzo, Comabbio, Monate, Varese and Biandronno.

Being the smallest of the Piedmontese mountains, however, it allows a 360° view of the surrounding Alpine chain. You can cross the Ligurian Apennines and the Maritime Alps, up to the Monte Rosa massif, the Monviso and the high Swiss peaks.

In 1911 the summit was connected to the center of Stresa through a historic cog railway, later dismantled to give way to the current cableway, which from the town of Carciano connects to the summit.

For those who love trekking, the Mottarone offers a myriad of paths of historical and landscape interest, which allow you to cross centuries-old woods of firs, pines, larches, beeches and chestnut trees, to meet old pastures with grazing animals and grass scented meadows and flowers. Mottarone also enjoys a certain geological interest, attested by numerous quarries, consisting mainly of white and pink granites.
Do not hesitate to ask us for trekking and hiking tips!


In winter Mottarone is an important ski center in the Borromean Gulf area, with numerous slopes, a well-equipped catering area and a rental point.

Certainly more suitable for children than for adults, for sunny and not very long slopes. The lifts are still all ski lifts. Surely it is the most scenic ski resort in the whole area!

How to get there

The address to be written in the GPS is: via Pianezza n. 5 town of Arona.

It takes about half an hour from Orta, about 17 km.

Our advice

Visit the Mottarone on a clear sunny day to enjoy the view.

Then stop to enjoy a typical menu of the Italian Alps in one of the restaurants that are on its peak, enjoying nature and fresh air.

Mottarone is beautiful in all seasons!


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The admission is free

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