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Pale Blue Ring

1° stop – AMENO

Take the road behind the Ca’ Buiota and start climbing. When you arrive at the main road cross it (there are some crosswalks) and enter the town of Ameno.

On your right you will follow the park of Villa Reiser (the Swiss family who built it, was the founder of the first embroidery industries, in the 19th century) before reaching the center of Ameno.

The main attraction of the town is the gothic park and the Torinielli palace

Under the entrance gate of the park, there are public toilets.

Continue exiting the Piazza di Ameno towards the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Leaving the church on the right, you will enter a small wood.


The road in the woods is not a dirt road, but it is an ancient cobbled street (although not in good condition).

Follow the instructions in these photographs so you do not lose your way. When you reach a bridge (Ponte Romano on the Membra), do not cross it, but turn left.


Further on, we will meet the beginning of the Via Crucis. This part of the route is the most tiring ever! But at the top you will find a fountain of fresh water and the convent of Monte Mesma

In the climb you can meet the ancient terraces that were once cultivated with vines. The church, although dating back to the seventeenth century, is quite bare.

4° stop – LORTALLO

After the visit, continue down another part of the Via Crucis. You do not have to follow the signs for Ameno (direct route) otherwise you follow the same route of the first leg. Following the instructions in these photos you will reach the main road, cross it, and you will arrive at the village of Lortallo, you will find some information here

If it’s lunch time, you’ll also find Locanda del Buon Riso just a few steps away.


At the end of Via Decio, you will cross the main street again and you will reach the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, with its beautiful view of the lake.

Continuing the road you will arrive in the center of Vacciago which is teeming with ancient villas and fine facades. At the center of the town you will also find the Calderara Foundation, with works of contemporary art.


This stage is not included in the pale blue ring, but is only a few hundred meters away and it deserve a change of course. Outside the town of Vacciago you will find the Ca ‘Buiota, the starting point of our tour, but continuing straight along the main road, you will arrive at the Church of the Madonna della Bocciola, one of the few panoramic points from where you can see the whole peninsula Orta.

We are not professionals in the field of hiking and walking.

We do it for passion and to offer our guests something more.

Using this qrcode you can download the map directly on your smartphone with the elevation details.

At the link there is also the possibility to download the route for your browser, in different file extension formats.

Otherwise you can download the pdf by clicking here, but it is less precise because it is not possible to increase the size of the map.

The paths of the Quadrifoglio di Ameno are all pleasant and not very demanding.

Unfortunately on the website of Ameno tourism the route is poorly explained and it is difficult to find specific maps (the bars and the clubs do not have them, only the tourism office has a reduced opening). I’m not sure I’ve taken the path in the right direction, but on the other hand it’s a ring, so it changes little!

Here you will find the others:

How to get there

Being a ring route, you can start from where you want. I recommend starting from Vacciago where there is ample free parking, it is close to a beautiful viewpoint and for those who want to leave on foot from Orta is perfect!

The departure will therefore be in front of the Bar La Ca ‘Buiota, in via Mameli n. 1 in Ameno.

For those who want to get there on foot from Orta, you must add ____ km to the total route, you can see the path to reach Vacciago da Orta at the link _____________________

Our advice

If you have an educated dog to keep up, 95% of the way can be done without a leash.

Apart from La Ca ’Buiota and some bars in Ameno right at the beginning of the route, the first fountain that you will find is over half way, it is better to bring along some water bottles.

The Ameno Turismo website says that the route is 75% feasible on mountain bike and 85% on horseback.

I made this road in July and there were many mosquitoes in the woods. Bring your repellent!


Category: Hikings


Length: about 7.5 km (about 3 hours)

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