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Baths of Bognanco

It is said that the discoverer of the mineral waters of Val Bognanco, in 1863, drinking from a spring (source San Lorenzo, Lindos), exchanged water for spirits so much was its tingling. He confided in the local chaplain, Don Tichelli, who, after having analyzed the water and discovered its therapeutic properties, bought the field and the source, starting the exploitation of the source and identifying others, starting to commercialize it with his company Tichelli & C. under the name of “Acqua Gazosa di Bognanco”.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century the original company, transformed into “Anonyme for Acque Acting and Terme di Bognanco”, had a long period of vogue with the establishment of an important spa complex, the construction of several hotels and the international diffusion that arrived up to America.

Bognanco turned into a spa and holiday resort and its water was the first to be bottled with a fully automated process in 1929.

In the years 2000 the structures of the hydropinic and thermal cures were renewed.

Today, after more than 150 years, the qualities that had attracted the attention of all of Italy, Europe and America remain unchanged.

To date, the Baths of Bognanco can boast the presence of more than 20,000,000 visitors, 10,000,000 of whom have benefited from hydropinic treatments.

Unfortunately, the website is not yet well developed and looking for the price list is a challenge! The 2-hour wellness path + the daily swimming pool costs around € 35, to which you can add different massages (from € 20).

How to get there

To get to the thermal baths of Premia the address to be entered on the navigator is Piazzale Ramponi n. 10, town of Bognanco of course.
There is a large free parking in front of the entrance.

For those who do not have the car available, we can provide a car rental service with driver, at a fixed price. Do not hesitate to ask us.

Our advice

The spa and treatment area is still a beginner, but the structure still breathes the splendor of the past years. The park (in the style of the thirties and forties) allows you to walk and admire a small waterfall.

Very interesting also the tasting room (outside the spa with free admission) with the three types of water to a small museum on the history of the water of Bognanco.

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From € 30 for the wellness program

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