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Aqua Thermae Crodo

The plant is fed by three distinct springs, the Fonte Valle d’Oro and the Lisiel, and externally the Fonte Monte Costella.
The therapy with the waters of Crodo, if wisely exploited, induces profound modifications on the general state of the organism.
The history of the exploitation of the waters of Crodo is lost in the most remote antiquity. It is said that the first to have discovered and appreciated the healing virtues of these waters were the Crusaders returning from the Holy Land.

The soldiers, to return to Italy, in fact followed the ancient salt route, which passes right from Crodo. They were exhausted by the journey and especially by intestinal infections contracted in the East, it seems that they were mostly resigned to dying on the path. How many of them drank the local spring waters obtained complete recovery from intestinal infectious diseases, helping to bring the fame of the famous fluid throughout Europe.

Located in a gigantic natural park, the spas of Crodo host the inside of the living room with a tap of water managed by the Mountain Community of the Ossola Valleys in collaboration with the Pro Loco Crodo Tourist Association, thus offering visitors an additional reason to socio-cultural interest in the numerous therapeutic treatments carried out on site.

Various treatments are available, including hydropinic cures, indicated for diseases of the digestive system, urinary and in case of liver intoxication.

For information call +39324618831

In addition to the Aquilegia Spa you will find hydromassage pools with water from the mountain springs of Crodo, maintained at a temperature of 32/34 degrees.

Here is the wellness package valid on Sunday afternoons at a cost of € 50.

For information call +3932461055.

How to get there

To get to the thermal park of Crodo the address to be entered on the navigator is via Bagni, town of Crodo of course.
There is a large free parking in front of the entrance.

For those who do not have the car available, we can provide a car rental service with driver, at a fixed price. Do not hesitate to ask us.

Our advice

Crodo is a great destination to breathe the pure mountain air, take long walks and enjoy the silence of the woods.

The thermal water just adds a touch to an already wonderful landscape!


Category: Wellness

At the Acquilegia Spa wellness package from € 50

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