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Santa Claus Island 2019

On December 15th 2019, all children will be able to deliver Letterina, a symbol of love, peace and friendship, directly to Santa Claus, as well as the classic request for the most coveted gift. It will be possible to write it at home or directly at stations made available by the organization in Piazza Motta or even at Palazzo Ubertini which will be open for the occasion.

Funny Elves then, they will accompany the groups of children and parents to the boarding area, where, thanks to the Motoscafisti of Lake Orta, it will be possible to reach the house of Santa Claus on the Island and make the delivery, receiving a little thought and hot chocolate .
A photographer will also be present who will immortalize the time of delivery upon request and will print with a small contribution the wonderful memory at Palazzo Ubertini.

Once back in Orta after delivery, it will be possible in Piazza Motta, to join Telethon’s “I support research with all my heart” initiative by buying chocolate hearts.

Palazzo Ubertini, home of the arts and prestigious venue for important events, will be open and for the occasion will involve children and parents in the Jack Skeletron Treasure Hunt, represented by an installation by the artist Alessio Gullì over 4 meters high, with the his “sweet treasure”.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the treasure hunt, where you will have missions to perform, shots with which to capture the 6 main stages of the Christmas party. In the end, right in the splendid Palazzo Ubertini, you will be rewarded with a sweet gift!

The event was held only thanks to the contribution of all the merchants and we are not happy to have participated in this wonderful party!

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Category: Culture

15th Decemebr 2019

Free entrance

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