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Teatrino metabolico

The Teatrino Metabolico is a scenic place that decides to be in the open space to investigate, through play and irony, the contrasts that arise from social and cultural confrontation within small or large communities, whether they are established or only temporary, and find themselves sharing a common creative experience.
The workshop, conceived and led by Ambra Pittoni, aims to investigate and metabolise what is thought to be personal, but which can instead nourish a collective narrative. The scene is made up of a series of objects intended to support the performative play of the participants, who will be able to learn to use them to build together small city dramas to be performed, watched and shared.
The encounters involve a succession of performative and writing practices focused on relating the personal space of the individual (micro-political) with the social (political) space, so as to articulate and connect the differences, desires, frustrations and dreams of those who inhabit and make up the community.
Together with performance and narrative practices, the use of the stage device and its elements will also be introduced.
At the end of the workshop, a public return will be organised as the inaugural moment of the Metabolic Theatre.

How to get there

Square Marconi 1 , Ameno, Italy


Category: Culture

from 11 july to 14 july 2024

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Following the postponement of the firework display on 22.06.2024, the event has been scheduled for 09.08.2024 By the Municipality of Orta San Giulio

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