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Boca DOC Wine Tour

Just 15 km from Lake Orta you can find one of the most important wine-growing areas of the Piedmont region; the vineyards that surround the small town of Boca in the province of Novara give life to BOCA D.O.C (Denomination of Controlled Origin).
Boca is a garnet red wine, produced using Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Spanna grapes, it is marketed after not less than three years of aging in oak or chestnut barrels and is suitable for a long aging that enhances aromas and flavors .
I present you some wineries that you can visit, for a wonderful tour to discover the vineyards and to taste the products of the companies.


The company is immersed in the Natural Park of Monte Fenera; around the main nucleus, a historic home of the seventeenth century, are spread the vineyards where the family Sertorio in 1980, driven by love and passion for these lands and for the wine has taken over the cultivation of old vines to give life to a product of extraordinary quality. Only the grapes produced in the estate allow to create the Boca D.O.C, to Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo D.O.C. “Gratus” and the Colline Novaresi Rosso D.O.C. “Sass Russ”.

The cellar is open every day for visits and upon reservation are organized tours in the vineyards rows and show the vinification areas and the aging cellar with the large oak barrels.

Where to find it: via della Traversagna 1 – Boca (NO)

GPS coordinates: 45.687512713603695, 8.381280899047851

Contacts: phone +39.0322.87332 mail


Cantine del Castello was founded in 1963 in Maggiora (No) in Piedmont, by the will of Ermanno Conti, as a stronghold to guard the traditional winemaking and wines with long aging, to defend the local character. Since 2006, the witness has passed to the three daughters Paola, Elena and Anna who continue the path traced by their parents in over 50 years of work, sharing the same passion and the same dream.

In the heart of the castle is the winery where the grapes are vinified and where all the processes that lead to the production of wines, aging, bottling and refinement until their sale take place.
The winery offers various spaces for tasting and the possibility of buying the wines produced.

The company produces in addition to Boca D.OC., the Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo DOC, the Colline Novaresi Flores DOC, always produced with Nebbiolo grapes but without the addition of sulfur dioxide, the Zingara produced with croatina grapes and the Elixir meditation wine aromatic excellent after a meal.

On reservation it is possible to visit the winery with the possibility of tasting, in addition to the company’s wines, typical products of the territory.

Where to find it: via Borgomanero 15 – 28014 Maggiora (NO)

GPS coordinates: 45.694153 – 8.429659

Contacts: phone +39.0322.87187 mail


The company was founded in 1998 thanks to the initiative of Christoph Kuenzli and oenologist Alexander Trolf, the story of the birth of “Le Piane” is a love story as told by the words of its founder Christoph “when I met the wine-growing region of Boca, I immediately understood that this land was truly unique for the quality of its wines and for the beauty of the landscape […] unmistakable wines in their decisive character, concentrated but at the same time of great elegance and finesse, complex in the perfume and in taste, long-lived and that develop over time “.

The wines of the company start from a meticulous selection in the vineyard during the harvest with highly educated staff that brings to the cellar only the best bunches already cleaned of each flawed berry. This makes it possible to make wines as natural as possible, balanced, harmonious and of great potential.

The store is located in the center of the village of Boca and is open every day.

Where to find it: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 1- 28010 Boca (NO)

Contacts: phone +39 348335418 mail

How to get there

The point you find on the map is that of Podere ai Valloni, but in one day you can certainly visit the other cellars. For a complete tour of Boca and its wines.

Our advice

f after tasting you want to continue to discover the wines of Upper Piedmont, perhaps tasting the traditional dishes of the area I recommend a stop at Osteria Ori Pari. The environment is elegant, refined and with a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel immediately pampered and at ease. Philosophy of cooking are the high quality of raw materials and their seasonality. The chef also offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-intolerant dishes. The restaurant is located in Viale Partigiani, 9, 28010 Boca NO, for information and reservations +39.0322.87462 closed Tuesday for dinner and Wednesday all day

Then you can not miss a cultural council, immersed in the most famous vines of the area is the Sanctuary of the Santissimo Crocifisso______________________, majestic neoclassical temple designed by Antonelli in 1830


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