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Mount Mesma

Mount Mesma (Monte Mesma), a hill that reaches 576 meters above sea level, is located in the territory of the Municipality of Ameno in the province of Novara


The construction of the convent and the church began in 1619, using the materials resulting from the demolition of an ancient castle located on the top of the hill.

You can visit the rooms only from 3pm to 5pm, you will not find a ticket office or a reception, but by pulling a cord attached to a bell, a friar will come to welcome you.

The complex of conventual buildings is grouped around the two cloisters. The first that we meet after entry was originally used to offer shelter to pilgrims and travelers, while at the center of the second we find the well, once the water reservoir of the convent. From this cloister you reach the “sala dello stufone”, a small room where there is a large stove made of black stone from Oira in 1727.


The view of the square is beautiful, allows you to see Lake Orta and even Monte Rosa. At the center of the square, there is an ancient olive tree.


Another well-marked path (torrent path) allows you to follow the course of the Rio Membra and the Agogna torrent and follow a circular ring that runs along the sides of the hill of Monte Mesma. Of particular interest are the Romanesque bridge over the Membra stream and the remains of an eighteenth-century smithy forge along the Agogna valley.

How to get there

If you want to reach Monte Mesma by car, you can reach the church. The distance from Orta is about 7 km.

If you want to take a walk instead, choose the Celestial Ring (Anello Celeste) of Ameno, you can find information on this walk at the link ____________

Our advice

Whether you come by foot or by car, my advice is to stop in Lortallo, small hamlet of Ameno where you can leave the car and walk up to Monte Mesma, along a “Via Crucis” that leads to the convent in 20 minutes .

You will follow a pleasant road surrounded by greenery instead of the main asphalt road!


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Admission is always free.

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Mount Mesma, a hill that reaches 576 meters above sea level, is located in the territory of the Municipality of Ameno in the province of Novara...


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