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Museum of Hoteliers

Museum of Hoteliers, but perhaps it is more correct to call it Place of Memory; certainly that of Armeno is a unique collection in the world where the hotel staff, simple cooks and great chefs, unknown waiters have, almost with sacredness, brought memories and pieces of life collected in their wandering around the world.

Extraordinary history of the hotel owners of Armeno, a story that is lost in time in which reality and legend, seasoned with a pinch of imagination, mix up to form a caldoscope of facts and episodes that make the story, indeed the stories, of cooks and waiters, a fascinating story and a journey through time. A journey that popular imagination wants to have begun even at the end of the Middle Ages.

Legend has it that Christopher Columbus’s cambusiere, on his journey to discover America, was from Armeno… but this, probably, is only a legend! Perhaps, then, there is a bit of truth in another story, the one that an Armeno’s cook wants, a certain Rampone, at the service of the King of Spain.

It does not matter which king and does not even care in what period, the story wants that the king was so fond of his cook, that when he, feeling homesick and wanting to return to Armeno, the king had him accompany, or perhaps escort, from his loyalists.

Armeno is famous in all the continents to be the homeland of the hotels. For at least four centuries since this strip of Cusiano land thousands of people have left for the kitchens, hotels and restaurants of the world.

Because this profession has spread from Armeno and not from other areas of Italy is a bit of a mystery. Useful information Permanent Exhibition Museum of Hoteliers

Summer opening in July and August Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm Free entry. In the rest of the year it is possible to take guided tours for groups by reservation.

Phone +39 0323.89622

How to get there

The address is Via dei Prati 3 – Armeno (No)

Do you need a taxi to reach the location? We recommend Taxi Lago d’Orta, you can contact him at +393462111587 (ask for the rate at the time of booking, it may vary depending on the number of people).

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Admission is free

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