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Legro, the painted village

With the title “The Cinema on the Wall”, the small hamlet of the main town of Orta San Giulio has been part of over 200 Italian towns with walls frescoed by artists of national fame or by unknown painters who have followed the courses in fresco technique.

Around this initiative has developed throughout Italy a significant tourist interest, and now also Orta San Giulio has entered fully into the muralism of the author proposing, the only Italian example, an extraordinary open-air art gallery dedicated at the cinema produced on the shores of Lake Orta and Piedmont.

The theme chosen led Legro and Lake Orta on numerous newspapers, TV and radio stations.

The small village is the destination of many visitors, not only Italians who travel “La via del cinema” (the ways of the cinema), admiring 60 works.

Interesting walk to admire an example of painting anything but usual and truly innovative.

The colors of the frescoes have also revived life, so much so that the initiative has been exported to many parts of the peninsula, for example in Amalfi (on the coast of southern Italy, near Naples) and in Cadore (in the Dolomites, in the mountains of northern Italy).

Legro, that village that seemed destined to undergo the “decadence” of the times, now every Sunday is the destination of a real procession of tourists, curious, passionate, who swarm through the small streets.

How to get there

In Legro it is possible to arrive by car, you can use for your GPS the address via Lunati in Orta San Giulio. The parking lots in the area are free.

For those staying in Orta historical center, it is possible to arrive with the tourist train, but I recommend going on foot. The distance is about 2 km from the square of Orta, uphill, but it is not so hard.
Once you reach the Villa Crespi roundabout, continue straight. When you reach an elevated railway bridge, turn right. There are all the signs.

Our advice

In about ten strategic points of the village, maps showing the path of the murals are present in the Vie del Cinema, installed for three years.

However the village is not very big and walking through the streets of the village will allow you to see all the works!


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Admission is free

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