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Baths of Premia

Premia Terme, an up-to-date complex of thermal baths, covering an impressive area of  26 thousand square meters of land including 5000 square meters of thermal and recreational  facilities.

The complex is L-shaped and encloses and shelters a south-facing area with a large swimming pool used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. The water circuit continues towards the interior of the complex with dedicated pools having various therapeutic functions.

Saunas, aerosol therapy and water treatments complete the services of the wellbeing center which is based on the ancient Roman tradition which placed both body and soul at the center of daily life.

The opening hours vary depending on the seasons and the days of the week, visit the official website for more information.

At the reception you can rent: € 2 towel, € 2 slippers, € 5 bathrobe, complete kit (towel, slippers and bathrobe) € 7.

The holders of invalidity certificates are entitled to a 50% discount on admission to the thermal pools, upon presentation of an identity document and a card that certifies the disability. The Thermal Center thanks to the total absence of architectural barriers, is accessible to everyone. Access to the thermal pools is equipped with elevators for diving and surfacing.

How to get there

To get to the thermal baths of Premia the address to be entered on the navigator is Frazione Cadarese n. 46, town of Premia of course.
There is a large free parking in front of the entrance.

For those who do not have the car available, we can provide a car rental service with driver, at a fixed price. Do not hesitate to ask us.

Our advice

Going to the thermal baths in the evening (on Fridays are open until 10pm) is a magical and relaxing experience that will take away the tension of a long journey, a busy day or simply give you a moment of well-being just for you.


Category: Wellness

from € 15 for the wellness program

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