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Craft Brewery Tours

Perhaps few people know that, a stone’s throw from Lake Orta, there are many craft microbreweries that can be visited…
Our tour includes the first visit to the Oleggio Castello factory.


You can get there at Via Stefano Niccolini 7/A in Oleggio Castello (about 25 minutes drive from Orta).

The idea of opening a brewery was born in 2009. The first 50-liter plant was purchased and the first tests began. After an initial period of settling and a few crushes (according to themselves) of dubious quality the new brewers mesh and begin to churn out some nice and well balanced product.

Two years follow when free time is entirely dedicated to the production and study ofthe brass techniques. From 9am to 6pm clerical work. “from 6:01 (for Italians 18.01), time is ours” and so the name of a brand is born!

The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6.30pm. But on request at are possible guided tours of the factory on other days or tastings in both Italian and English.
Our beer expert, Folk, recommends not to lose the OCRA “light, sweet, spicy, has won one of the best world prizes!”.


Now let’s move on to a craft brewery located in Suno, in via Novara n. 12 (about 20 minutes by road from the DiciottoZeroUno).

Their plant has a 20 HL cooking room with 3 vats for double cooked. They produce high and low fermentation beer.

Store hours are generally from 9am.00 to 12.30am and from 2pm to 6pm (Saturday only in the morning!). But you can still contact them for more information at
Folk suggests tasting the “bitter but pleasantly fruity” LUPALIS.


We continue with a truly unique brewery!

You will have to go to Cavallirio in via Matteotti n. 18 (about 18 minutes drive from the Tresca).

They want to specify that every craft beer of Dr. Barbanera is rigorously tested on human, naturally raw (not pasteurized), unfiltered, without dyes or preservatives.

Of course there is a shop, also called their “non-secret laboratory”. Open Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7.30pm (Wednesday and Friday until 11.30pm!) and Saturday from 10am to 7.30pm.

They are the only ones, among the proposed breweries, to also have an e-commerce, you can find it here if you buy craft beer “and memorabilia“-

Write to and visit the website, their unique style will make you fall in love!
Folk offers the “full bodied, sweet and spicy” IRMA. 


The address is Borgomanero via Donizzetti n. 50 (less than a quarter of an hour from the Barbanera). There is a small tasting point always open on Saturdays and by appointment the other days (if you’re lucky even without appointment!). You can write to

Guided tastings are possible both in Italian and in English. They will explain their research of aromas and will propose to you to taste their vast assortment. Unfortunately, for the moment a guided tour of the factories is still not possible.
Folk recommends APACHE “ambery, fruity and slightly bitter”.

How to get there

Our advice

At the end of the tour you have drunk enough, but the time has come for a good chat with someone who is really an expert in beers!

You can find Folk in his beer shop in via Mazzini n. 31 to Borgomanero (about 5 minutes from the 100venti, the last tour brewery).

So you can ask him to taste other Italian and foreign craft beers or give him your opinion on those tasted today.


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This is a do-it-yourself tour and it's completely free!

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