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The castle of Venaria

This is not exactly one of the attractions of Lake Orta, but it is one of the most beautiful and most important in Piedmont, a region that encompasses this beautiful lake.

The Venaria Reale, a grandiose complex on the outskirts of Turin with 80,000 square meters of monumental building of the Royal Palace and 50 hectares of Gardens, assets adjacent to the seventeenth-century Historic Center of Venaria and the 3,000 hectares of the La Mandria Park, is an architectural masterpiece. of the landscape, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997 and opened to the public in 2007 after being the most important restoration site in Europe for cultural heritage.

For information and reservations: tel. +39 011 4992333

All tickets can also be purchased online at the ticket offices of the Royal Palace.

How to get there

Reggia di Venaria – Piazza della Repubblica, 4 – 10078 – Venaria Reale (TO)

Castello della Mandria – Viale Carlo Emanuele II, 256 – 10078 – Venaria Reale (TO)

Turin Northern Ring Road (Tangenziale Nord), exit: Venaria or Savonera/Venari


Castellamonte Parking lot (park A) and Carlo Emanuele II Parking lot (park B)

(via Castellamonte and viale Carlo Emanuele II, Turin Northern Ring Road (Tangenziale Nord), exit Venaria / “La Venaria Reale – Reggia e Giardini”)
Juvarra Parking lot
(via Don Sapino – Turin Northern Ring Road (Tangenziale Nord), exit Savonera / “La Venaria Reale – Scuderie Juvarriane”)

Our advice

Despite the long journey to get there from Lake Orta, this castle will repay you for the effort!

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Venaria Reale

Starting from € 20 for the adult entrance

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