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The Perfume of Orta

Are you looking for something really special to take home as a souvenir of Lake Orta?

The two fragrances for men and women are like clothes to wear, reminiscent of the narrow alleys of the town or the breathtaking landscape and the stories that this land continues to tell us.
Land, coast and water, a jewel enclosed in the mountains, constantly challenged by the sovereigns, with its unusual scents and the continuous interweaving of lake water smells, moss, osmanthus, cypress and lovely flowers like the hydrangeas that give Orta its unmistakable, enchanted atmosphere. This is how the scent of Orta springs from an ancient legend, with the intention of remaining the distinct fragrance for princesses and the principles of our time, a memory of journeys and dreams that only this heavenly place can grant.

How to get there

Find the store in the beautiful village of Orta San Giulio, in Largo De Gregori 11.

Our advice

We have chosen it for some of our apartments!


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Orta San Giulio

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A modern station, a few steps from the city. Easily reachable by car, just 10 km from Domodossola